Best Trolling Motor for Bowfishing

Fishing, for a long time, has been considered a game of sneakiness. Ideally, it requires one to be in an optimum position, while being extra quiet. Fortunately, trolling motors are here to make the difference, in fact, they’re godsend assets for the fishing industry.

When bowfishing from your boat; one of the most significant pieces of equipment to have is a trolling motor. However, to ensure that you choose the best trolling motor for the boat, you’ll have to dig in some research. Moreover, personal preferences will take a share as one of your consideration factors.

Trolling motors can either be bow mount tillers, or bow mount foot control style. The latter is controlled by the pedal that you stand on, while the former is controlled by hand. In our case here, bow mount foot control is your best friend, but still, you can go with the other.

Fortunately for you, we’ve made your work a breeze as here are some of the best trolling motors you can consider for your next bowfishing experience;

Top-Rated Trolling Motors for Bowfishing in 2021

  1. MinnKota Edge 45 Bowmount Foot Control
  2. Newport Vessels Pontoon Trolling Motor
  3. MinnKota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor
  4. MinnKota Ultrex Freshwater Bow
  5. MinnKota Edge 70 Bowmount Foot Control

MinnKota Edge 45 Bowmount Foot Control

Perhaps your search for the best trolling motor for bowfishing might stop once you read about the MinnKota edge 45. Whether it’s calm or rough out there, you won’t have to worry as your fishing could be guaranteed.

Right from its efficient, compact as well as stylish design, this trolling motor is a pure beast. It features an indestructible composite shaft, which means that it will serve you for an extended period.

Moreover, it has a very powerful motor of about 70lbs thrust; hence it will get you over the rocky as well as vibrant waters. Besides, it has a powerful propeller that ensures you’ll never stop because of vegetation or silo.

Flexibility is also guaranteed thanks to the indestructible shaft, which also adds some extra finesse as you control the boat.


  • Easy mounting
  • Excellent speed control
  • Easy to install
  • Calm without noise
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable


  • Can be expensive

Newport Vessels Pontoon Trolling Motor

The motor is not only durable and convenient, but it can be used safely by any family member out there in the water. It features a bow mount design that allows you easy control as well as easy maneuverability.

It has a durable mount that you can bolt to almost any sturdy and flat surface. It comes with a 10 point LED battery, 3 reverse speeds, 5 forward speeds, and an excellent 3 blade propeller.

It can be used with Marine or Lead-Acid deep cycle batteries. It comes with full propeller installation hardware. Moreover, it features a deck mount bracket for extended durability.

The motor is also very easy to mount and remove. Also, you won’t have to worry about loud noise as the motor runs quiet and cool.


  • The shaft is indestructible
  • Quiet and cool
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • 5 forward and 3 reverse speed options


  • No speed indicator

MinnKota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

This trolling motor has a thrust level of 30 to 55; meaning it has the necessary speed regardless of the weight. Moreover, it offers high-efficiency thanks to the fact that it’s a 12-volt motor.

Also, it has a 30-inch shaft that helps to reach the underwater efficiently to provide excellent running performance.

Also, it features a rotatable lower unit rotating at 180-degrees that makes steering the boat convenient. The battery offers 5-times more runtime than most motors on a single charge.

It has 3 reverse and 5 forward speed options to help you control your speed precisely. In addition, it has a telescoping tiller that can help you steer with convenience and comfort.

In terms of noise, the motor runs on low noise that won’t scare fish thanks to its excellent bearing system that provides little friction.


  • Up to 8-speed control options
  • Quiet operating noise
  • 30-50 lbs powerful motor
  • An excellent adjustable 6-inch telescoping handle
  • A rotatable 180-degree lower unit


  • Short power cord
  • Has a shaft that’s not sealed

MinnKota Ultrex Freshwater Bow

The last thing you want from your bowfishing trip is a trolling motor that you can truly count on. Fortunately, Minn Kota has got something for you to smile about. This trolling motor is convenient and you can rely on it.

First, it’s a GPS-powered motor with the GPS i-Pilot taking care of the spot-lock, speed, steering as well as being able to retrace and record your path.

Interestingly, with only a touchscreen remote, you’ll enjoy taking control of the boat efficiently as well as comfortably.

Moreover, it comes with a universal sonar 2 imaging transducer to help deliver clear images of everything underwater. Also, with a tap on the spot-lock button, you can control the boat and make it stay still without any physical button.


  • Convenient foot pedal
  • Easy bow mounting
  • Advance control system
  • 80 lbs of thrust
  • 45-inch shaft
  • Sonar imaging


  • Not the best quality power switch

MinnKota Edge 70 Bowmount Foot Control

Another high-end trolling motor is the MinnKota edge 70 bow-mount. It comes with a 52-inch shaft, which means that you won’t have any restrictions on your best fishing area. Moreover, it’s long enough to get underwater to provide you with the best experience.

Furthermore, it’s made from indestructible composite material which assures you service for an extended period. It’s capable of withstanding serious impacts and abuses underwater.

The motor is literally a performance beast as the shaft offers great speed no matter the weight in your boat. It runs efficiently on shallow water even with waves.

The battery can last for a long period with only one charge thanks to the well-optimized hardware for power consumption. Also, it produces little noise, meaning you’ll have the quiet fishing trip that you desire.


  • Foot steering option
  • An indestructible shaft
  • Cool and quiet
  • A 52-inch powerful shaft
  • Easy to mount as well as remove
  • Powerful props


  • The shaft is not sealed
  • Cord and peddle are stiff


Things to Consider Before Buying Trolling Motor for Bowfishing

One thing is for sure, different trolling motors have different features and specs. Besides, not every trolling motor in the market will fit your bowfishing demands. Therefore, you should relate a motors’ features to your requirements and then be able to filter out the right trolling motor that will offer you enjoyable fishing hours.

To help you make the right choice, here are some of the things that you have to consider when purchasing a trolling motor for bowfishing;


While in water, you seriously require efficiency. Therefore, to help you move the bowfishing boat forward with efficiency, a powerful thrust motor is essential. Furthermore, the amount of thrust that your trolling motor has is a clear indicator of the amount of load it can be able to handle while running.

It’s always wise to determine the load that you usually have, and then you can now easily know exactly the thrust amount that will suit you.

The Shaft

For your motor to perform smoothly, the shaft should be underwater to an exact position. In fact, the shaft is the one that goes into the water from the side of your bowfishing boat.

For instance, if the distance between the transom and the waterline is like 1o inches or less, then you might consider a trolling motor with a shaft of about 30 inches. However, some trolling motors have an adjustment feature, meaning you can adjust the length according to the required conditions.

Moreover, you should ensure that the shaft is durable enough as it often comes into contact with water and will take a lot of impacts and abuses. Composite shafts made from fiberglass are usually the most durable.


Usually, most trolling motors have up to 8 variable speed options; 3 for reverse and 5 for forward. It’s the number that’s appropriate for your bowfishing boat to move both backward and forward conveniently.


In most cases, the size of the trolling motor is equated to the power of the thrust. You should always buy something that won’t compromise the performance once you add some little weight.

Also, you might want to ensure that you buy a trolling motor with sealed housing and whether it has some years warranty. Besides, the type of the water body is essential; salty or freshwater?


Whichever trolling motor that you may choose from the list, one thing is assured; you’ll get the best bowfishing experience. However, we highly recommend the MinnKota Edge 45 Bowmount Foot Control as it’s a very powerful motor, has excellent speed, it’s durable, and it doesn’t produce a lot of noise to scare away your fish.

However, if you are looking for convenience and something that you’ll be able to use in almost all water environments, then the Newport Vessels Pontoon Trolling Motor is your best choice.


Nothing can literally beat the experience of bowfishing. However, you may live to hate that experience, especially if you don’t get your accessories right. For instance, if you get the wrong choice with your trolling motor, then you’ll not want to get out there again.

Therefore, to ensure that you don’t get disappointed with bowfishing, ensure to choose the right trolling motor for your boat. Ensure that you choose a motor with little noise, one that has the right size of thrust and shaft, and a motor that can serve you in both salty and freshwater environments.